Martin Firrell

Artist in residence, Clear Channel
"When men hold power they abuse it." "The simple idea that opportunity is available to all women is a lie." "A good man is sober with responsibility not drunk with power." You might have spotted the work of French public artist Firrell on billboards dotted across the country. Working as Clear Channel’s artist in residence, his mass public art project "Power And Gender" gathered the views of senior women – ranging from former Lloyds of London CEO Inga Beale to Channel 4 boss Alex Mahon – to explore the differences between the way women and men regard, hold and use power. "If you can create debate, eventually change will follow," he says. This project achieved 46 million impacts.

She says: "Martin celebrates diversity, challenges prejudice and has an unflinching commitment to promoting equality." Emma Callander, co-artistic director, Theatre Uncut