Andrew Keating

Group CFO, Bank of Ireland Group
Since joining the bank in 2004, Keating has shown unstinting commitment to boosting its diversity – he was instrumental in developing the firm’s ambitious 50:50 by 2021 gender target for senior roles, and has introduced a maternity charter to support working mums – a move met with extremely positive feedback from colleagues throughout the business. As executive sponsor for inclusion and diversity for the BoI Group, he also advocates tirelessly on behalf of LGBTI+, cross-cultural, inter-generational and carer groups. His goal is to make the bank a place where everyone can fulfil their potential regardless of background or circumstances.

She Says: "Andrew is a fantastic leader who has always challenged me to think beyond my comfort zone and ensured that I could continue to progress even when on maternity leave." Karena O'Sullivan, director, business transformation, core banking systems programme, Bank of Ireland