Sulaiman Khan

Founder and chief purpose officer, ThisAbility
Khan is a super-champion for diversity and inclusion in all its forms. Describing himself as an "active intersectional feminist-in-progress", Khan is the founder of ThisAbility, a network designed to support the best creative disabled talent via events, meet-ups, mentoring and consulting. He has built the business to be "gender equitable from the ground-up", ensuring the advisory board is at least 50% female, having flexible working for the entire team, and making pay gender neutral. Although Khan’s congenital muscular dystrophy makes travel difficult, he consistently shows up and speaks up for women via Creative Equals, BIMA, SheSays and Bloom UK events – and is relentless in his pursuit to make the creative sector more inclusive.

She Says: "Sulaiman has been an extraordinary champion in my career. He's regularly on hand to provide sage advice about networking, building confidence and has never faltered in his empathy and support." Matilda Ibini, bionic playwright and screenwriter